Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Some of our nearest neighbors.

The Sentinel.

Actually, it's just a bloody mourning dove . . . one of several, er, dozens, er, hundreds around us.

A honey-bunny.  One of at least two, probably many more, in our neighborhood.  This one was in our back yard this evening.

Ready for your close-up, bunny?

They may be pests but I think they're cute with their little cotton tails.  And we're not gardening so . . .

(By the way, Steve, my apologies for taking your blog title for my post title.  I promise not to do it again.)


Tom Cochrun said...

The bunny is probably just waiting for SWMBO to plant a garden.

Steve said...

Bruce just don't take the nuts. Nice visitors.

Lowandslow said...

As you said, as long as you don't have a garden, enjoy them. ;)


Sharon said...

Keep your eyes open for some peach-faced love birds. You never know, you may have a group living in your neighborhood.

The Bug said...

I love mourning doves :) And bunnies of course!

Stephen Hayes said...

Let me know qhen a jackelope wanders through your yard.