Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Aha!  Whilst using SWMBO's laptop (yes, my pc is ailing again) I discovered the blog of one Natalie Darbeloff of London, England.  (Or U.K. if you prefer)  It is called Blaugustine and it reveals a woman of inventiveness - a writer and illustrator and general experimenter.  I shall add it to the blog roll on the right and invite you to investigate the workings of her mind.

Thank you, Lucy, revealing her to me.


Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Thank you, Bruce, I will reciprocate and add you to my blogroll. Browsing your site and getting to know the workings of *your* mind will be a pleasure, I can see that already from the brief visit I've made. I'm very grateful to Lucy for that terrific introduction she's just written about me.
See you later!

Tom said...

Bruce: I'm sure you will not regret the experiences you are about to get. I'd like to go on and tell you what a lovely lady Natalie is, but she'd only blush.

Tom Cochrun said...

Thanks for the tip and link.