Sunday, July 7, 2013


It occurred to me that some of you faithful readers may have thought my last blog post (STELLA WHO?) may have been a bit "girly".  So let me set you straight.

I have just returned from Chase Field in downtown Phoenix.

The baseball bats should tip you that this is the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team.  If they don't do it, this should.

The shirts were worn by a couple perhaps about my age.  They were among many worn by over twenty-thousand fans leaving the park after today's game.

"Our" Diamondbacks won, incidentally, completing a sweep of the Colorado Rockies. In three games the Diamondbacks out-scored the Rockies 22 to 2 and presently reside in first place in the National League West with a 4-1/2 game lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers, who will begin a three-game visit to Phoenix tomorrow.

It was a pleasant afternoon in an air-conditioned stadium with my friend and benefactor, Steve.  

A manly sort of afternoon.


Steve said...

Bruce, glad they are doing well. The A's are doing okay also.

Lowandslow said...

Nope, "girly" never crossed my mind. But I can see you more at home at a baseball park. Thank God for those indoor stadiums, huh? ;)


Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

We're all part of "the home team crowd."

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Scott, you are exactly right. I was just remarking to SWMBO "why don't all baseball teams have removable dome stadiums?" She said it was something about money.

The Bug said...

Isn't it fun when your team is winning? Last night the Braves won in 14 innings. For reasons unknown to me I stayed up until the end - ugh!