Sunday, August 18, 2013


Stephen, of the Chubby Chatterbox, has been a great influence on me with his great story-telling and absolutely marvelous illustrations.  I've already got the story-telling down (though not as good as Stephen) so I decided to try my luck with the paintbrushes.  Here's my first attempt.

So what do you think?  

Still life with apples.  

Not too bad, is it?

I think I did well with the sheen of the fruit, and the light reflections.

Not to mention the thatch of the basket.


Can you give it a critique?

Oh, all right.

So I lied.

That's part of story-telling.

Here's the original, before it was dealt with in my PHOTO-editing software.

Yup, it's just a photograph.

Actually, I prefer one I took with a little less light on the subject.  It seems to bring out the deeper reds.

So, there's my "story" for today.

And apologies to Stephen, a REAL artist.


Stephen Hayes said...

Bruce, Thanks for the kind words. I knew your effort was a digitally altered photograph but I don't think that diminishes what you've accomplished. I never executed artwork on a computer so I'm not the best one to give you a critique, but I do like what you've done. I hope you'll keep it up and post more. Take care.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Listen up, critics, the Master has spoken! ☺

Steve said...

Either blame it on the camera or give the camera credit. That is my excuse.

The Bug said...

Ha! Funny guy :)

And now I want an apple!