Thursday, October 24, 2013


I stopped by the main Phoenix library today to hear a talk by Valerie Plame, who has a new book out, called "Blowback".  In case you've forgotten, Plame is the former covert CIA agent whose cover was blown by several people in Washington after her husband, Joe Wilson, contradicted claims by the Bush administration that Iraq was trying to buy material for nuclear weapons.  Plame today talked about the background of the case and described the civil suit she and her husband filed that was eventually dismissed.

She is a very intelligent lady who has begun a second career writing mystery novels from her new home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She drew a fairly large turnout of respectful people today, as judged by the questions she was asked.  I only regret that the close-up picture I took of her was so blurry.  SWMBO said it must have been because I was trembling at being so close to this beautiful woman.

Update:  I just figured out why that picture is blurry.  The batteries in my camera were on their last legs.  I've replaced them.  Now, where's Valerie?


Stephen Hayes said...

I've seen her interviewed several times and she's very impressive. It's a crime what the Bush administration (Cheney) did to her and her husband and it's a crime that no one was punished except Scooter Libby who fell on his sword for his boss.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Yup! And not only her. Think of all the Americans killed in Iraq during that totally unnecessary war.

Anonymous said...

Did you buy her book?


Tom said...

From what little I remember of what was reported about her on this side of the pond, she's a very beautiful lady in all sorts of ways. No wonder the ugly reaction from the Bush regime. Yes, a totally unnecessary and wrong war!

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

No. I may get it from the library.