Thursday, November 14, 2013


In spite of much clamour and fan worship, the Arizona Diamondbacks' Paul Goldschmidt did NOT win the National League Most Valuable Player Award today.  He WAS second but he was far behind the eventual winner, someone named Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  But he was the highest ranked Diamondback so far.  Matt Williams and Luis Gonzalez each finished third in their careers.  So it goes.

In other news, we went to Food City today and found green onions (scallions) at 3 bunches for a dollar.  Our nearest big market store sells them at about a dollar apiece.  Food City is a chain of grocery stores aimed at the Mexican community.  The announcements over the store loudspeaker are in very rapid (to my untrained ear) Spanish. The specials are Hispanic-oriented.  The selection of spices is beyond compare.  And the prices are great.  We are fortunate to have a couple of their stores nearby.

SWMBO is fixing us burgers right now as we take a break from a great movie "Ladies in Lavender", starring Judy Dench and Maggie Smith.  

This is a great Thursday night.


Tom Cochrun said...

We love Ladies in Lavender and enjoy the sound track too. Your burgers also sound good.

Tom Cochrun said...

We love Ladies in Lavender and enjoy the sound track as well. Your burgers strike a salivary note.

Steve said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but the bugers sound delicious.

Stephen Hayes said...

Three times I've been in food outlets catering to Hispanics and I always see them with bags of chicken feet in their carts. I figure they know something about these claws but whenever I ask what they plan on doing with them they just shrug---no English.

The Bug said...

I should check out that movie - I love both of those actors.

Rather than go to a Hispanic grocery store I'd rather follow one of the patrons home & let them feed me dinner :)

azttttommy said...

How does a guy who leads the league in so many categories, offensive and defensive, not get ONE first place vote? The fix was in!