Saturday, November 2, 2013


Today is All Souls' Day in Hispanic culture . . . when graves are cleaned and decorated and, in some places, picnics, music and drinking occupy the people left behind.

Here are a couple of somewhat typical shrines or ofrendas (offerings) as displayed at the main library in Phoenix recently.

And so El Dia de los Muertos, (the Day of the Dead) comes to a close.


Stephen Hayes said...

I'm sure the dead appreciate the attention. Take care.

Steve said...

Nice photos. It is an interesting tradition.

Tom said...

We have something like that here in France, or at least in Brittany. I tend to call it, not All Souls Day, but "Appeasing the Dead" day. The people here religiously empty every gardening centre of all their crysanthemums, which are then placed in the cemeteries. It seems to work, because for the rest of the year, said cemeteries remain what they inevitable are, totally SOULLESS places. :)

Lowandslow said...

Interesting. We have plenty of Hispanics here, but I hadn't heard of this. I'll dig deeper. Thanks.