Saturday, November 23, 2013


(Attention readers: an update follows this post)

Just clipped in the garden, this big pink (no, really, it is) rose still has raindrops clinging to its petals.  It has been raining here in the Arizona desert almost continually since Friday night.

Our rain guage shows about an inch and a quarter since yesterday morning.  Yesterday's total, before I dumped it, was about three-quarters of an inch.  So, figure 2 inches or a bit more since the rain started falling lightly but steadily.  Doesn't sound like much until you realize that the desert only gets 4 to 6 inches in an entire year.

It leaves water pooling in unlikely places.

Because of the saturation even the grassy lawn is having a difficult time accepting it.

Now just to prove that the rose that started this little essay actually was pink, here's one of it's sisters from the same plant.

And more to come.

I remember saying once, years ago after several days of continuous rain, "doesn't the sun ever shine in Arizona?"  I was joking, of course, and the weather wizards say the sun will be back tomorrow as the rain moves away.  It's been nice while we had it.

UPDATE: 10:30 a.m. Saturday.  We have put off plans for an ark.  The sun is out and the sky is once again mostly blue.


Thérèse said...

A nice way to see where the problems are... Your's seems to be holding much better than our's back then which was looking like a play pool :-)

Stephen Hayes said...

I always thought rain was a rarity in Arizona. Beautiful roses no matter what time of year it is. Happy Weekend.

Steve said...

Bruce, may your cup runeth over. Or is it runith . Whatever you know what I mean.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Actually, I believe it is "runneth" but, yes, I did get your meaning.

Tom said...

I have always imagined Arizona as a non-stop arid state. Your pics therefore seem to be bordering on the totally unreal. However, glad that you are getting some rain. Should you run out of the watery stuff, perhaps you'd care to have some of ours.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Tom, as noted we've received about half what we normally get IN A YEAR! So I will refuse your kind offer and allow you to keep your ethereal dew.

Tom Cochrun said...

That rain looks wonderful. We got .3 this week and everyone was excited.

The Bug said...

Gorgeous rose! Ours finally froze last night (& why wouldn't it - it was 15 degrees when I woke up this morning!).