Sunday, December 15, 2013


We had a visitor the other day.

This mainly white cat showed up at the back door.  She had a tag so she belongs to someone and she looked well-fed and healthy. Blackwell was the most curious of our two and he and this stranger were nose-to-nose through the glass in the door.

The stranger didn't seem alarmed by either of our cats or even by me taking pictures of her.  (I assume she was a "she", just by the looks of her.)  She walked around the yard and even lay down for awhile on our patio.

Muggles checked her out but after a short look he wandered off.

She posed for my camera and the girl, even with a moustache, could melt any cat-lover's heart.

A friend of ours, Carol, sent  us a Christmas card and a book of poems "written" by cats.  Here is one of them.

O  Christmas Tree

O  please

O  come on

O  like you didn't know

What you were getting for Christmas

before I ripped open all your gifts

O  by the way

The tree looks better on its side

O  I really do think so


Tom said...

Is it possible, I wonder, that 'she' is looking for new staff, or perhaps a second property?

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Ha! She may have been but I never opened the door. Two is more than enough!

Tom Cochrun said...

Lana brought Hemingway in for an inspection of our tree. He immediately went for a bird ornament. She pulled him away quickly and the tree still stands.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

If you let him in better keep an eye on him!

Stephen Hayes said...

Yes, she's looking for an upgrade in ownership and you're being interviewed.

Keith Harris said...

Very wise. We let in a cat with similar coloring 14 years ago and have been cleaning white fur from our furniture ever since!