Wednesday, December 4, 2013


As I frequently say on this blog: what a difference a day makes. Yesterday I sat out on the patio enjoying the sun and near 70 degree temperatures.  Today the mercury hasn't risen above 62 and the sky looks like this.

A cold front is moving through the state and much colder temperatures are expected through Tuesday.  Highs in the 50's and a freeze warning is in effect.  I hope we don't get a hard freeze because a number of roses are just about to bloom and the orange tree and the lemon tree are heavily laden with ripening fruit.  There was a hard freeze last winter which killed off a number of outdoor plants.

It has been said that animals can predict earthquakes and other weather occurrences.  I don't know if that's true or not but our cats sure seemed to be battening down for cooler weather last night.

Or maybe they were just cat-napping.


  1. Hope the cats covered the precious fruit with fleecy protection before snugging down.

  2. That's what OUR sky looks like! And it's 59 degrees... When did Arizona become Ohio?

  3. You are welcome to some of our freezing weather.

  4. They look pretty calm about the upcoming weather change.

  5. That looks like normal behavior for your brood.
    Big chill coming here too! Our cats are presently sitting on the hood of the car in the garage. Having just returned from down the coast, the hood is warm and so are Hemingway and Joy. Could get to freezing here on the coast and 20 or lower in Paso just over the mountain.

  6. It's 36 here in TX now, with rain and maybe ice on the way. A little farther out the weatherguessers are saying the low temp here on Monday night will be 11. Brrrrr!


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