Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We are moving.  In one week.  I'll bet you know what that means. Among other things it means my blogging will be sparse.  But I have friends.  And they send me things.  My dear Lori sent me a bunch of WOW photographs today.  I picked out a few to show you.

Like the tenacity of the humble tulip.

Or of those insane people who climb mountains.

Even more insane, in my view, are these people out for a casual bicycle ride.

Along with a strange mind, that trip requires absolute nerve and steady hands.

Then there's this picture of Manhattan.

And the amazing power and wonder of nature.

And, impressively, over my state's very own Grand Canyon.

Lastly (you already know I love cats) this amazing picture.  "Baby turn my brown eyes blue."

Thank you, Lori.  Luvya!


  1. Terrific photos. That bike thing give me vertigo just looking at it!

  2. Fabulous photos that remind us of what an amazing place our planet is. Good luck with the move.

  3. "We are moving. In one week. I'll bet you know what that means."

    In one week it will be raining?

  4. Insanity.....a strange mind.......a total lack of imagination! That third picture is not one to look at straight after breakfast. The others? Great. Wishing you well with your move, and hoping the weather is lenient to everyone in the North Americas.

  5. Great photos. Good luck with the move, and looking forward to new posts from the new home.

  6. Super photos. Wonder how much photoshop went into them. Good luck on the move.

  7. Great pics! And yes, those bike riders are CRAZY. I can't go straight on my bike - I veer all over the place :)

    Good luck with the move!