Friday, January 31, 2014


When your move is complete and the weather is nice what do you do? Oh, just horse around.

A friend of mine, Peripatetic Phil, is off to Texas today and then onto a cruise ship for a tour of Mexico, Belize and Honduras.  I sent him this card.

Speaking of traveling, some people seem to get more out of their foreign visits than others.

Others are surprised by a friendly greeting from the local wildlife.

Progress check: are you howling with laughter yet?

I was just thinking how things have changed over my lifetime.

Women might tell you that some things never change.

But if you look at executive offices in major companies today you'd say that's not true anymore.

The pay differences between men and women, however, have not changed that much.  So you can appreciate this editorial cartoon by the Arizona Republic's Pulitzer Prize winner Steve Benson.

Well, I'm getting too serious for the Friday Funnies.  So just let me leave you with this thought on the Big Weekend.

Have a happy weekend, folks, and may the best team win!


  1. Dolphins look perpetually happy don't they? I just love their "smile".


  2. I think that dolphins are superior to humans. They have language and live in societal groups like humans, but they live in perfect harmony with their environment without damaging or changing it. Thanks for the laughs.

  3. Where I worked men and women with similar jobs were paid the same.

  4. What, no friendly "poaching"? lol

  5. Really like the last panel. It speaks the truth.

  6. I don't like the card about "woman!" :-) but which woman would...

  7. Thank for the Funnies to launch me into the weekend.

  8. Ha! Love your Friday Funnies posts :)