Friday, January 17, 2014


But then how could I after making such fast cyber-friends with all of you?

Our move is complete.  Well, that means we're in our new home in northern-ish Arizona.  We still have much of our life packed in boxes scattered through the house and garage but we're slowly getting it together.

The weather was perfect for the move and the high temperature here is in the lower 60's day after day.  I can live with a winter like this. But having lived here before I know about February and early March snowstorms so I'm prepared.

But wait!  It's Friday!  That means the Friday Funnies!  This may be how Judy (SWMBO) feels.  Or it may be how I feel.

This next one is for the people we left behind in mega-Phoenix and for others who live in large cities with traffic jams.

Just so I don't get in trouble I need to tell you that those were both courtesy of the New Yorker magazine, which has the absolutely best cartoons and you should run right out and buy a copy or a subscription.

The next one was titled "Running Low on Toner".  Think about it.

And finally, how could I overlook the travails of New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie.

(This was sent to me by diehard Republican Beau Jack!)

I think I like it even better than the one of a Christie-like figure sitting on a stool facing into the corner with a bright orange traffic cone on his head.

I'm glad to be back.  Have a wonderfully frolicsome weekend, folks!


  1. Welcome back. I am still suspicious that you returned the day Prescott Valley got a Walmart.

  2. Hey, glad to see you getting settled in.

  3. Love the kitty toner picture, but the one of Christie really made me laugh.Glad your move is over and you can now enjoy settling in.

  4. Yeah, that toner photo is the BEST! Glad you're moved, if not settled. I'll loan you some of my patience. No, wait....I don't have any. :)


  5. The toner shot is clever! Glad you are back in business.

  6. Cute kitties! Glad you're safe & sound :)

  7. The process of moving is awful but it's nice to get settled in your nest. Hope it all works out for the best!

  8. Love that 'out of toner' pic. So cute and one look at the traffic jam makes me so glad I live where the cars have to go around the town twice each visit to keep the roads free of grass!