Friday, February 7, 2014


So I haven't blogged since Tuesday.  SWMBO told me "If you don't have something to say, just shut up!"  And it's been a slow week.  I mean, how often can I talk about the weather, right?  BTW, the storm that was forecast to blow through here last night apparently fizzled out. No rain or snow at my location.

O.K.  Let's get on with it.  Since the Olympics have begun, let's finish off the Super Bowl first.

This one could be me and SWMBO.

Then there's me, first thing in the morning, wondering "Where's my coffee??!!!"

This seems like a good morning to have dogs starring in the funnies.

"I hate this game."

"O.K.  I caught him.  Now what do I do?"

Then there's the visitor to your swimming pool.

Birds are always good.  The two on the sides are saying "Just try to blend in."

And even in the avian world, family problems.

But as this graceful surfer might say, "Life is groovy, man, just enjoy it."

There!  Maybe that makes up for my days of sloth this week.

Have a fab weekend, folks!


  1. Love the cat and the lion. Now THAT'S a dilemma. :)


  2. Those pics are a truly fabulous collection.

  3. Bio-Diversity in the animal kingdom is normal & cool...

  4. All good, I think I like the surfing goose the best.

  5. Oh these were GREAT! I always look forward to these posts :)

  6. those made me laugh my fool head off.