Wednesday, February 26, 2014


There's a market in Prescott selling farm to customer produce.  Sort of a farmer's market under a roof.  But the outdoor decor is what makes this place special.

Up on the edge of the roof are two cows.  One of them is lying down and gazing out over the busy street in front of the store.  The other one is standing and looking down at the ground as if he's thinking about making a leap to freedom.  Or better grazing.

Always the stickler for accuracy, SWMBO said they look like Holsteins except these are grey and white and true Holsteins are usually black and white.

Maybe that hot Arizona sun faded their color.

(Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, they're not real cows.  They're . . . . cow-ikins.)


  1. I wonder what SB1062 would have done to them if passed...
    Great relief over the valley right now I guess!

  2. They're probably scared to go inside. They might wind up on the marque list (underneath where they are standing) like their cousin, Art. (Those chops pictured....those are "pieces of Art.") ;)


  3. that doesn't appear to be a lot of bull

  4. I've heard of a fiddler on the roof, but not cows.