Saturday, February 15, 2014


The first photo was taken the day before the full moon.  The waxing gibbous moon . . 99% of it . . can be seen faintly high up.

X marks the spot.

Well not really.  These were just a couple of random jet contrails marking the sky.

O.K.  Now comes the full moon and some of the worst photos ever taken of it.

This was taken through a window from my desk.  Kinda looks like a reflected 60 watt ceiling bulb, doesn't it?  But it's the moon.  I swear it.

Then I went outside armed with my mighty Nikon Coolpix 1.22 and my smartphone camera.  The first three photos are from the smartphone.

And the last one is from the Mighty Nikon.

About the only thing you can tell from my excellent photography is that the moon is round (full).  I've tried to photograph it before with the same results.

If you really want to see good pictures of the moon, go to to Dr. M's blog.  He has more sophisticated cameras AND knowledge of how to use them.  He gets photos like this.

Not too shabby, eh?


  1. There's a moon in the sky like a big pizza pie.....

  2. We were driving up the hills from the village as the moon was rising behind a cloak of fog feather clouds. At points in the drive the orange moon was massive, back lighting pine and eucalyptus trees on ridge tops. They were like shadows superimposed on the colored shroud of the clouds and the massive disc. Perhaps I will someday have a camera can that can capture that reality, instead of the kind of bright bulb shots you and I get now.

  3. Now that final picture, straight out of an astronomy textbook. Beautiful. But what really fascinated me was the first picture. I don't know what it is, maybe the landscape, maybe the lighting, but for me that scene could only be in the US. I have a number of painting textbooks containing pictures by American artists, from all over, from south-west desert country to the New England states, from the Rockies to the eastern seaboard. There is that constant of wonderful lighting that says, "United States!"

  4. You know, even if I use Dr. M's camera I still can't get the pictures he does. He'll tell you it's the equipment - but it's really the man behind the lens :)