Friday, February 21, 2014

Yup, it's the FRIDAY FUNNIES!!!

First off, let's deal with those folk who are living through their fourth or fifth winter season of the year.  So far.  It's only February, folks.

For you folks who may have been confined to your homes by winter weather and who have had to rely on delivery pizza, here's some good advice.

Lemmee see, Valentine's Day was almost a week ago . . did I forget it?

Oh, I can't forget the cats.

In these days of life being dominated by social media, if YOU feel mocked there is always a solution.

Have a jolly weekend, friends.


Steve said...

Funny Friday. Ha Ha

Tom Cochrun said...

Happy weekend there in Arizona.

The Bug said...

Great fun as usual :)

Steve said...

Love the owls.