Saturday, March 1, 2014


It rained a bit here yesterday and, while not much is falling, it is a rainy day today.  The photos though are from yesterday, beginning with a beautiful sunrise.

Later in the day some amazing clouds began forming.

As I said, we really haven't received much rain so far out of all this but it's been fun to watch the skies.

Speaking of fun, you have to watch this short video.


Steve said...

I read that California is getting some much needed rain. Love the kitten and lizard video.

Phil Perisich said...

I watched my neighbor's cat take on the impossible task of stalking a road runner in my yard the other day. I wonder if there is any animal that can catch a road runner?

The Bug said...

I howled at that video - so funny!

LOVE the cloud pictures!

Lowandslow said...

Go Rain! That video is hilarious! So funny,


Stephen Hayes said...

Funny video. That little kitten isn't as brave as he thinks he is.