Friday, March 28, 2014


We begin this week with thanks to Bill Maher, who suggested as the perfect Republican presidential candidate in 2016 . . . this man.

While trying to get that picture out of your mind, you may find yourself staring at the sky like the creatures here . . .

I wonder if thse two aren't the offspring of that couple in my banner photo.

Here's how I sometimes feel after I've visited the barber.

And mustn't forget the kitties.

And finally, this next guy could be my avatar.

Have a great weekend, folks, and don't forget to laugh a little.

Or a lot!


  1. The photo of Putin made me cringe.

  2. Next time you have to drive somewhere in a hurry, expect a really big traffic jam.

  3. McNuggets come from chickens? Who knew?

  4. OMG....that poor dog. (Dog, right? Can't tell for sure .)


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