Sunday, March 16, 2014


You've probably all heard about dairy farmers playing music in the barn during milking sessions with their cows.  Supposedly it relaxes the animals and makes the milking process easier.  But look at what happens when a group of jazz musicians begin playing near a pasture in Autrans, France.


  1. Better not play a tuba in Alaska when the moose are in rut.

  2. Ok, a study needs to be done....milk production for the days prior, during and for a period afterwards. It'd have to be a blind study, the milkers couldn't know if the cows were jazzed or not, but it's all just details.

    I find myself free, if the renumeration is right.

  3. The fact that cows enjoy music like humans is going to make it that much harder to eat them.

    1. Stephen, they just thought it was the music leading them to slaughter and they were ready.

  4. I thoight they were going to sway to the music.

  5. Yeeees! I don't know whether you have ever heard French musicians in the raw, but clearly the cows are as nonplussed as I usually am. On the other hand, cows have such a boring life - and they are surprisingly intelligent - any event (if you can call Frenchmen playing jazz an event) will elicit some response. They even follow us along the edge of our field when we take Mol for a walk. Well it's more interesting than getting a tingle from an electric fence, I suppose.

  6. What a fun video. They really were enjoying the music.

  7. Their first concert! And a free one...
    So fun!


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