Monday, March 3, 2014


So, did you watch the Oscars?  I thought it was a fairly good show. Ellen DeGeneres was herself, funny in the beginning and at various spots through the show but some times a little tedious.  But.  "They" say it's the toughest job in show business so I guess I can cut her a little slack.  Folks on Twitter say the selfie she took with a pileup of the stars was the highlight.  What do you think?

What?  What?  Photoshop?  I have no idea what you're talking about.

Speaking of photos, I love this one of Senator Rand Paul waiting to go on one of those t.v. talk shows.

That takes me back to my days in television many years ago in Phoenix.  That was back in the day when anchormen showed up dressed like Paul is because the television camera never showed them beneath the waist.

(I'm pretty sure this picture is not Photoshopped.)


  1. I missed the Oscars, came on too late. Short pants in hot weather makes sense.

  2. Bradley Cooper morphed into a cat. The camera never lies. And Rand Paul will never be president with those legs.

  3. In Ellen's selfie pic I only recognized two other people. "Stars" are a dime a dozen these days.

  4. Paul has hiking boots on. He must have hiked in from "Galt's Gulch."

  5. I missed the Oscars...dang, I think movie people need to give each other more awards because they don't make enough money and they are all geniuses.

  6. I watched, and I'd give Ellen a solid B, which if far better than previous shows.


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