Monday, March 24, 2014


Last night about 10:30 or later I heard some loud thumping noises coming from just outside the house.  (It was probably a neighbor dumping some garbage into his bin.)  But being the brave warrior of my hearth, I opened a sliding door and was peering out into the inky darkness.  I saw nothing.  Except a (not so) small dark shape zip past me and out into the yard.  It was this inky evildoer.

Blackwell is an inside cat.  He KNOWS that.  But he can't resist an open door and will go through it if it stays open too long or if the door opening person isn't on alert.

So last night, when our neighbors were either sound asleep or preparing to sleep, there was Blackwell outside and me too, calling his name.  Fortunately he was apparently frightened as he kept crying whenever I would call.  I went inside to secure a flashlight, then opened the garage door.  I was afraid the noise of that door opening would scare the cat into running but he was still out there, somewhere.  Tracking the sound of his voice I quickly spotted him and called him home.  He obediently (strange for him) went into the garage, up to the door into the house and as I opened it he proceeded inside.

It had all occurred in about five minutes and I was frankly quite amazed by his quick return.  

So, after being scolded by SWMBO for "letting him out" we all settled down and resumed our normal breathing once again.

Meanwhile, Blackwell's older sister Muggles apparently slept through the entire adventure in her favorite spot.


Stephen Hayes said...

Sometimes kids run away from home, but like Blackwell they return when they realize the world can be a scary place.

Should Fish More said...

Not in the same league, but around '73 in Southern Oregon we had a whole family of skunks trying to get in the house in the middle of the night. I stupidly went out to shoo them off wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. I got well-sprayed. When I tried to go back in the door was locked, and my wife wouldn't let me in until I'd hosed myself off.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

That's what SWMBO told me. I should have just left the door open and he would have come home by himself. But I worry about him becoming "coyote candy".

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Wives are like that. Strange she didn't at least give you a can of tomato juice to wash off with.

Pearl said...

I laughed at "inky evildoer".

Good ol' Blackwell.


Judy said...

Outside is no place for a small animal around here. I'm glad he was wise enough to come back in.
As to your comment on my post today...I completely agree. They called it educational, I called it sad.

Tom Cochrun said...

A early spring evening, mysterious sounds and his natural curiosity just overwhelmed the lad to go for a bit of the air, and to give you some adventure.

Steve said...

Atleasthe knew where home was.

Sharon Anck said...

Sometimes the call of the wild is not such a good idea.

lowandslow said...

Blackwell has a rebellious side to him, doesn't he? Livin' on the edge.... ;)