Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Early this morning there was a total lunar elipse.  

Because the moon takes on a reddish hue it is called a Blood Moon.

I didn't set an alarm or wait up for it.  I just woke up, shortly before one a.m.  

I quickly slipped on a pair of flip-flops, grabbed my trusty camera and went outside to take a look.  

Sure enough.  

There it was, high in the sky, just a light orange color to it.  

I was excited.  Think of it.  The moon, normally lighted by the rays of the sun, was totally in shadow because of the interference of my home.  Planet Earth.

It makes one feel a certain humility.

In case you missed it, I took a photograph to show you.

Here it is, from my trusty point-and-click camera.

You're welcome.


joeh said...

Thanks! Clouds ruined my view.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Don't mention it, Joeh.

Steve said...

We missed out here in Europe. Glad you could get up early for us.

Tom Cochrun said...

We had a gorgeous and colorful moon rise, but by the time of the eclipse there was a fair strong marine bank I was able to see the shadow on the surface but it was smeared by atmosphere. I did not get to see the color you saw. Obrigado! Merci! Gracias!

Stephen Hayes said...

Too cloudy here in Portland to get a good look. Thanks for sharing.

Lowandslow said...

Thanks buddy. I knew you'd be up for the occasion and would have a photo or two, so I went ahead to bed and got a good night's sleep. :)

Cupcake Murphy said...

Gorgeous shot.

The Bug said...

We had clouds :(