Sunday, May 4, 2014


An annual festival of colored chalk artists was taking place in a bank's parking lot in downtown Prescott this weekend.  There were only a few professional artists this year.

But there were plenty of amateurs of all ages on hand and some of their work was pretty darned good.

Here's one of the younger artists . . choosing his colors and deciding on his theme, with the help of a proud dad.

All in all, a fine festival on a warm sunny weekend.


  1. These events are such great fun and enjoyable. I certainly don't recall anything like that when I was a little shaver like the kid you have a shot of.

  2. When they have these events in Portland I always find it fun watching the artists at work.

  3. Nice chalk work. I liked the first one, a kind of heroic portrait. Impressive what people can do with chalk and cement.

  4. I like "the two cows" and "the clown" the most.
    This festival is an awesome idea and I discovered what street painting really could mean when I had the chance to stay for a couple of days in Prescott a few years ago during this festival. Professionals next to amateurs: what could be best?
    And photography is the only mean to print the results. thks.

  5. Wow! Even the amateurs were good. Very impressive. Looks like fun.


  6. Dang, what a shame it will all wash away.

  7. What a cool event! I'd like to see something like that.


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