Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SORRY . . .

Well, that didn't work.  Apparently the pictures would not show up for you folks.  It worked fine on my machine but . . . so it goes.

I took my car (NOT a G-M model) in to a dealer and had four, count em, 4 recall problems attended to this afternoon.  It only took about an hour and a half and they washed my car.  All free.

I've been battling with my television.  The other night Judy had Pandora playing through the t.v. and when she was done she just turned off the television.  We don't have a WI-FI equipped t.v. but the DVR is and gets the Pandora.  When SWMBO turned the t.v. on again the next day it was locked up on a Pandora screen and I couldn't turn the DVR off.  Finally got rid of it by cutting the power to the device.  Then we couldn't get a signal from Direct TV.  I tried everything without success.  Finally called for tech support and they couldn't solve the problem either.  I scheduled a tech visit for Wednesday.

But then, like the old ham radio operator I used to be, I kept diddling with it.  Finally just plugged the Direct TV box directly into the t.v. set and, lo and behold, it worked!  Of course that meant I no longer had the use of the DVR.  I have a little box that resides between the Direct TV box, the DVR and the TV set.  It's a whatchamacallit thing that should result in everything working in unison.  Before, when I wanted to watch a movie in the DVR or play Pandora through it I just turned on the DVR and it took over.

I think I finally solved the problem when Judy remembered a tiny remote that (supposedly) controls the whatchamacallit box.  I have been able to run both the t.v. and the DVR now but it adds one more frickin' remote to the coffee table.

Why can't my life be more simple?


  1. I remember when TV was simple.

    I was toddler sitting for my son and finally got the TV to work and found the right input and it asked me for a "Child Safe Code" for JUDGE JUDY!! I can't watch TV unless I have the home court advantage.

  2. It is complicated anymore. Not a bad idea to write down specific instructions to yourself, and maybe even draw a diagram. Maybe, just maybe that helps, unless some "intermittent" issue arises. Just give me an off and on switch and an easy to use universal remote eh?!

    1. Tom, you are too damn organized, better to call and attempt to humble the minimum wage kid on the phone until you get the supervisor's supervisor. When we got our new complicated TV set up from TWC we could never switch form PPV back to cable...the idiots left us the wrong remote unit. Do have any idea how many times we rebooted the box?

  3. We have a Buddhist Temple in Chino Valley where you can spend time in silent retreat from all electronics. You may be reaching that point.

  4. Yes, take me back to the good old days when a thump on top of the ellipsoid tv with the fabric sides often forestalled the need to fiddle with the horizontal and vertical holds... There wasn't any less worthwhile stuff to watch than there is now anyway!

  5. My son-in-law set up a netflix box for my tv, it does have wireless capability, I was unaware. I've more or less figured it out, buy I've also had to unplug the damn thing and re-power it to make it work.
    I was just at the point where I thought DVD's were pretty cool, now this.

  6. My mother has Direct TV in the retirement facility where she lives and I'm not a big fan. At our house I've lost count of all the remotes.

  7. Ah these remotes! Nothing more to add...


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