Thursday, May 22, 2014


Innsbruck, Austria, 1985.  I am overcome by the beauty of this city's setting at the foot of the Alps.  Or perhaps by the altitude and the effect it (and the high-octane beer available locally) had on me.

Meantime . . .

. . . my lovely wife, Judy, seemed overcome by the charms of one of a group of locals we ran into and then joined as we closed a bar we were all frequenting.  His name was Bruno.  Judy and I were in agreement that he should henceforth be known as Beautiful Bruno.


  1. That SOB Bruno. Pay my way to Innsbruck and I will get the Croatian Mafia to take care of him.

  2. I think Bruno was out of his league!

  3. The images are beautiful all around, actually.

  4. Innsbruck is a nice place. Bruno doesn't look so beautiful.

  5. Were there any remnants of the two Olympic winter games visible?
    I wouldn't trust Bruno, he looks shifty. .

    1. We were only in town for one or two days and I don't remember seeing any of the Olympic stuff. Bruno was very friendly but, yes, I kept a close eye on him.

  6. Great pictures. I find it interesting hoe pics from the seventies and eighties now look so dated. I guess the ones we snap today will look dated in time.


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