Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Those of you who may have watched the television series "House" are then familiar with its star, British actor Hugh Laurie.  But Laurie is a Renaissance man, who also includes music in his catalog of versatility.  He has now recorded two C.D.'s of mainly blues music in the New Orleans style.  And he's been touring for a year or more with a group known as the Copper Bottom Band.  Last night they were in Mesa, Arizona, at the Mesa Arts Center and SWMBO and I were lucky enough to be in attendance at their concert.

First the stage is set.

Then the band appears and begins a bit of drum and bass work and then Laurie appears at the back of the stage and, when he is recognized by a roaring crowd, stops dead still and stares out with a blank expression and then comes forward and the show is on.

It continues for better than 2 and a half hours and three encore performances and a "God Bless You, Mesa" from Laurie before the exhausted performers call it a night.  The crowd is still left roaring for more.

Laurie is not only a wonderfully entertaining musician and singer but a marvelous actor as he mugs and stunts through the night.  And he has taught his crew well.

Photography was forbidden, though not obeyed by this amazingly appreciative audience but my (illegal) attempt to get any of the show failed to achieve my exacting standards.  But I wanted to give you a hint of what we saw last night so here, from an earlier show elsewhere, is one of the stellar (though, not necessarily bluesy) performances.  Laurie, with one of his amazingly talented backup singers, Gaby Moreno, doing El Choclo, or The Kiss of Fire.

A fantastic show, though for us older folks, a bit long.  

Still, if he comes to a town near you . . . GO SEE HIM!


jager said...

I put Los Lobos on your list of 'must sees"

Thérèse said...

What a fun night with Dr H!

Phil Perisich said...

Thanks for the intoduction to someone that was completely unknown to me.

Steve said...

He is talented.

Tom Cochrun said...

So glad you got to see him. We love him-his music, acting and great wit. Envious of your spending so much time with him and the band. Hope he comes this way.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Just checked his tour schedule. Austin tomorrow night, then Houston, Mexico City and Guadalajara before heading for Europe and points east.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Will do.

Stephen Hayes said...

I had no idea Laurie was a musician.He sounds extremely accomplished.