Monday, June 16, 2014


The latter part of last week was set aside for Prescott Valley Days in my town.

A carnival was set up with lunch-defying rides.  Unfortunately I visited about noon on Saturday and it apparently was too hot to open up.

So I ventured inside Tim's Toyota Center to see what was going on. Not much, as it turned out.  This group of "synchronized walkers" was pacing back and forth as Alan Jackson's "Proud to Be An American" blared forth from a loudspeaker.

In the hallways a quilting display was the main attraction.

There was even one dedicated to Jimmy Buffett.

Apparently quilters are getting younger.

A model train display had been advertised but it consisted of just two small tables with trains going around oval tracks.  I couldn't bring myself to photograph them.

There had been a parade earlier in the day but I had missed it.

A number of booths were operating, selling metal cactuses and javelinas, for example.

Don't think I'd want a herd of these in my front yard.

Or these -  inflatable Japanese dolls.

The best part of the celebration for me?  Plenty of fried food!

Or you could opt for what the vendor was calling Barbecue on a Stick.

It looked like the Indonesian Satay my wife fixes every once in awhile. But who am I to argue.

P-V Days!  Come one, come all!


Phil Perisich said...

Without your blog, I would never know what is going on around town.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

My goal in life is to keep you, Phil, and all the many others, informed.

Should Fish More said...

After the days with my granddaughter, I'm far too familiar with Dora the Explorer.
That first quilt is a honey, not sure about the parrothead one.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Aha! I was fooled by Dora's hairdo. So that's who she is.

Lowandslow said...

Those quilts are actually pretty cool. But who dressed those "synchronized walkers"? Yikes! So when is it cool enough there to go to the carnival? I'm guessing November. :)


Catalyst/Taylor said...

Re the walkers - agreed. And it's fine to go to the carnival in the evenings. It's 82 but quite breezy outside now at 6:22 p.m. I'm sitting out on the patio and it feels nearly cool!

Stephen Hayes said...

I doubt Jimmy Buffet quilters are all that young. Of course EVERYONE is starting to look younger than me.

Tom Cochrun said...

Love the idea of younger quilters--and yea, looks like satay!

Thérèse said...

We missed the curly fries while we were in AZ...
I am wondering if the heat feels the same at the top of the wheel?

Steve said...

Exciting times in Prescott.

The Bug said...

I want a herd of those little piggies! But the cactus would be too dangerous for Ms. Klutz (that's me!) to be around.

LOVE that first quilt!