Thursday, June 26, 2014


Clowning around at a rest stop during a trip from Indianapolis to Cincinnati where the Lenny Wilson Trio had a recording session. Probably around 1970.

I'm in the middle.  My buddy Orly Knutson is on the left.  He's retired now after a 50 year career as a radio disc jockey in North Dakota, Indianapolis and Minneapolis.  He was known as The Happy Norwegian on the air.  

At one time or another he'd be asked "Is Orly Knutson your real name?"

His stock answer "If I was going to pick a name, do you think that would be it?"

On the right is Dave Morgan.  He was the drummer and occasional vocalist with the trio.  I see that he's gone on to a successful career as a drummer, vibraphonist and vocalist.

Orly was a drummer, too, but he and I were just along for the ride on this trip.


  1. You missed your calling as a can-can dancer or, the unthinkable, a Rockette.

  2. Orly looks like he's protecting his family jewels from your knee, or hiding the six back you guys had just boosted! Good days eh?! That Indpls era was a fun time with some great music.

  3. The three of you look like a lot of fun.