Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The finches have fled.  Well not fled, exactly, but they've abandoned their nest and their young.  Or fledged them though Judy doesn't think the babies had enough time to fledge.  But she had noticed over the past few days that the mama finch had stopped coming to the nest. Finally yesterday I got a ladder out for her and she climbed up to find a very neat but empty nest.  We hadn't seen any babies on the ground or seen any alarmed activity by the parents but then we've had other things to do than watch the finches.  At any rate, Judy took the nest down and disposed of it and cleaned off the pillar with a hose.  We'll see if they return to the same spot to create another nest.

They still visit the bird bath in the back yard frequently though we have yet to see one actually bathe.  But they like the water to drink, as do the Mountain Jays that visit from time to time.

Oh, and we did have a snake visitor the other day.  The cats spotted it first as it came out of the front yard and into the street, when Judy spotted it.  I went outside to take a look.  He looked like a rattlesnake but when I got fairly close I could not see any rattles and he didn't threaten.  Later I found one like him via The Google and decided it was a Long Nosed Snake, non-venomous.  Here's the one I found on the web.

Ours was very similar.  When I went out a few minutes later to get a photo of him he had crossed the street and disappeared.

The Google says they feed on lizards and amphibians.  Nothing about baby birds who have fallen from their nest and are helpless on the ground.  So we can forget about that, I think.

The bunnies are still around in the evening.

Last night we had two in the yard at once and then I caught a glimpse of a couple more running in the street out back.  We don't have any garden plants so they're harmless to us and fun to watch. And it gives Judy something else to put water out for.

The wind is quieter today but seems to be indicating a desire to kick up once again.

Such is life in MY little Wild Kingdom.


Steve said...

I like the snake, though it's not the one you saw. Strange about the baby birds, Seem kind of young to fly off. .

Phil Perisich said...

No need to visit the zoo. Your snake is no match for the 7 foot bull (gopher) snake seen in my neighborhood but this is the first year without gophers in the yard. There have been roadrunners this year and it is fun to watch the futile attempt by cats to catch them.

Stephen Hayes said...

I know precious little about snakes but if Mrs. Chatterbox saw anything like the critter in your picture on our property she'd probably want to move.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Oh, they're o.k. as long as you don't let them follow you into the house. : )

lowandslow said...

Umm...that doesn't look like any rattlesnake I've ever seen, and unfortunately I've seen a few. And the head doesn't have that distinctive triangular shape pit vipers are known for. OK, that's all I know about snakes. Too much, actually.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

I only thought originally that he might be a rattlesnake was because of the coloring I saw from a distance.