Saturday, July 26, 2014


Yesterday we had three hard rains.  Today we had lots of thunder but no precipitation.

SWMBO and I did have a nice lunch at a relatively new fine dining spot in Prescott Valley, Cork & Cuisine.  It is in the Entertainment District and features a different menu and a different wine list each month.  Very nice setting with a lounge area, seating at a small bar, tables for dining and a couple of nights a week Chef's Table seating, where you can watch your meal being prepared in an open kitchen and converse with the chef.  Good food, good wine.  We spoke with the aptly-named owner, Sherri Cook, who said they have clientele from Prescott but so far the Prescott Valley crowd is not supporting them.  Give it a try, folks.  It's leisurely dining, not fast food, but a comfortable place to take your time over a good meal and libations.


Tom Cochrun said...

Great photos of the sky and changing weather patterns. Hope and cuisine restaurant makes it. It sounds lovely

Lowandslow said...

Wish we could see a few of those rain clouds here. Maybe Sherri should put in a drive through window where she could pass out little tiny appetizers as an enticement to park and come in? Hey, whatever works I say. :)


Stephen Hayes said...

I love pictures of clouds. They remind me of summers during my schooldays when I'd lay on my back and on the lawn and stare up at the clouds and see infinite shapes in them. I guess all kids did that. Take care.

Lori said...

Prescott Valley has certainly changed since I was there eons ago. Course, every place else has too!

The Bug said...

We've had threats of rain all day, but nothing has fallen yet. We might have to water the plants tonight after all!