Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I'm back home after traveling to Phoenix for a game at the old ball park today.  My buddy Steve did well by me, snaring a couple of seats on the first level.

The result on the field was not nearly as pleasurable.  After 3 and a half innings, the Diamondbacks were behind 7 to nothing.  But they kept fighting back and after 7 innings were only trailing by two runs, 7 to 5.  But that was as close as they would get as the Tigers' eighth inning netted them 4 more runs, 3 coming on a towering home run by superstar Miguel Cabrera.

But we had a great time at the game.  Which reminds me.  What kind of food do you eat at baseball games?  Hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and nowadays in Phoenix anyway such things as pizza and Mexican food.  But salad?  Who eats salad at a baseball game?

Well at least this trim young woman, diving into a fresh green salad.

Speaking of tradition, there's another one, as shown in this picture.

Did you get it?  It's the three men in the lower right, taking a selfie!

Speaking of photographs, I had to get one more.  There was a pretty girl who kept holding up a homemade sign, hoping the cameras would spot her and put her picture up on the jumbotron.  A couple of times, between innings, she went down closer to the field and held up the sign, waving it back and forth.  Alas!  She didn't make it to her personal 10 seconds of fame.  So I went down to her row after the game and told her I'd take her picture and put it on the Internet. Here she is.

Now I ask you.  How could those cynical cameramen have resisted that beautiful smile?  I hope this pleases her.


Tom Cochrun said...

Sorry the D-backs faltered. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for the
sense of mood of the place. Once a reporter, always a reporter I guess.

Lowandslow said...

To paraphrase The Most Interesting Man In the World, "I don't always eat hot dogs and cheese nachos with jalapenos, but"....wait....yes, I do, too.

Glad you had fun. :)


joeh said...

The camera men must have still been stunned by a woman at a ballgame eating a salad! Throw her out, baseball means hotdogs!

I'd have put that young lady on the jumbotron.

Stephen Hayes said...

I can still remember the first time my dad took me to see the Giants at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. I have no idea who won the game but I do remember thinking those steamy hotdogs were the best I'd ever eaten. Still think so.

The Bug said...

And she had a great sign too - glad you took her picture. I probably WOULD eat a salad at the game - to counteract the deep fried cookie dough :) (Note: I did actually eat deep fried cookie dough at a Reds game one time. It was VERY messy, but pretty yummy in a diabetic coma sweet sort of way).

quilteddogs said...

What are your thoughts on Chinese food at the game? Sad to say, I am getting tired of the food at the ballpark and I'm looking for something new. A salad would not do it for me.

Cupcake Murphy said...

That woman eating a salad made me laugh my head off.