Monday, September 8, 2014


Phoenix, Arizona is situated in the Great Sonoran Desert.  There are no sand dunes.  It's not that kind of desert.  But it is arid.  Annual rainfall is around six inches.  That's six inches of rain in an entire year.  

But this year has been different.  Partially due to a hurricane that's been hugging the coast of Baja California in Mexico, it's been raining in Arizona.  A lot.  The official weather station at the airport measured more than 3 inches of rain just yesterday.  Another weather spotter in Tempe, which is part of Greater Phoenix, reported nearly five inches.

In the desert and in a huge city covered in concrete in many areas, there is virtually no place for the water to go.  So early morning drivers today faced scenes like this, on an Interstate Highway on the west side of the city.

That scene was repeated numerous times around the huge Phoenix area.  Several freeways had to be closed by the flooding.

All in all, it is a very good day to stay home.

By the way, we are high and dry, about 80 to 100 miles northwest of the Phoenix area.  Well, high but not exactly dry.  It's been raining here, too.  Some street flooding has been reported in Prescott but where we live, in the foothills of the Bradshaw Mountains, we've only had occasional showers recently.


  1. Chino Valley was dry until early this morning. Much the same as you experienced. The big saguaro cactus around Phoenix must be swollen with water.

  2. Like you say, a good day to stay home.

  3. Desert flash flooding can be scary and come upon you quickly. We get so much rain here in Portland that it isn't much of a big deal.

  4. Sorry for the people enduring the flooding, but wish we could have some of that rain.

  5. Glad you're safe. This weather we've been having is scary. I personally coudn't live in a place that only received 6 inches of rain a year. I like a variety of weather, and that includes some rain, too.


  6. Gather animals, two by two. Get some lumber from Home Depot.....

    1. A friend who recently moved to Phoenix (Sun City, actually) said she was thinking of building an ark but, like Bill Cosby, she couldn't remember how long a cubit was.

  7. Amazing isn't it? I don't have to use the freeways so I didn't have any trouble getting to work yesterday but, many people couldn't make it in so, around 10:00, I went home to work instead. My cell phone screeched out emergency warnings three times during the night beginning around 2:40 AM. I don't think I've ever had it go off in the middle of the night before.


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