Friday, September 12, 2014


You probably heard on the news about Phoenix highways flooding after a 3 to 5 inch rainfall this week.  It was awful.

Speaking of strange occurrences with critters . . .

Life can be confusing sometimes . . .

Ah life.  The people around us.  Kinda weird, actually.

But I shouldn't be critical.  After all, they're just like us.

In times of trouble, pet owners always have someone to lean on.

Dogs for unconditional love, cats for silent wisdom.

Thanks to my contributors.  You know who you are.  Have a great weekend, folks, and keep chuckling.


  1. Our dog snores. He woke us both up at 1 this morning. He slept through our laughter. What if a burglar would have broken into the house? He is useless, but we love him.

  2. Extra-special good stuff this week Bruce. Love the organic/donut bit. :)


  3. Isn't it strange how one laughs at a dog snoring, but need to do something more.....shall we say dynamic?.....when one's other half snores.

  4. Excellent selection, appreciate it.
    I see it's 84 in your area right now, 30 degrees warmer than here.

  5. Nice way to chuckle into a friday happy hour.


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