Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Yesterday I discussed briefly the idea of human exploration of the Planet Mars and the possibility of an earth colony there some day.  I accompanied my thoughts with a photo.  This one.

The idea was to convey an impression of the surface of Mars with its reddish surface, its mountain ridges and perhaps with its canals and seas which one day may have held water.  

But, as some of my discerning readers pointed out, it looked like something else.

Quilted Dogs questioned whether it might really be a part of my epidermis.

Which prompted Phil Perisich to remember my comments earlier about my camera's macro photography capabilities.

And Susie said it looked a little like a paper bag.

To those amateur detectives I offer a tip of the hat.  But just a tip. Because none of you were exactly correct.

Here's the true subject of that photograph, taken from further back.

It's the blotter pad which rests atop my desk.  But with various spillings it has taken on a distinctly Martian appearance and when I figured out how to use my camera's macro capabilities I just couldn't resist a little October Fool's joke.

I guess I should have remembered the famous quote from Abraham Lincoln - "You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time."


Steve said...

You spill stuff that close to your computer? Be careful.

quilteddogs said...

Damn! And I thought I had nailed it.

Phil Perisich said...

Bruce, you old devil. Why not put a little statue in the picture with the caption "Did Rover photo an alien?". I guarantee It will go viral on YouTube and make Yahoo News in hours.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Why, Phil, far be it from me to lead people astray. If you'll look at yesterday's post carefully you'll see that I never SAID that was a photo of the Martian surface. (heh-heh)

Stephen Hayes said...

I'd hate to show the blotter pad in front of my computer right now.

Tom Cochrun said...

Of course we don't know that your blotter isn't the hide of a tanned martian emu, do we?

Catalyst/Taylor said...

We don't, indeed.

Anonymous said...


Should Fish More said...

Ahhh....a trickster, like the native american myths....I'm going to read things here differently now.

The Bug said...


Pearl said...

:-) I'm just glad it's not the state of your skin!