Monday, November 24, 2014


High noon in my part of Arizona and, while the sun is shining, it's a bit nippy outside.

BUT, the high temperature on Thanksgiving Day is forecast to be 72 degrees Fahrenheit.


How's your Thanksgiving Day going?


  1. Glad to hear that it's warming up some. I will be up there for the holiday weekend and I'm not used to the cold at all. I hope you have a very good Thanksgiving holiday.

  2. We're supposed to get as break from the rain on Thanksgiving, for the weather people are usually wrong. But I won't be bothered if it rains because it makes the house cozy.

  3. I will vouch for the nice weather in Prescott and went for a mile walk this morning.

  4. Hi; Susie (peaked in junior high) pointed me to your blog. Hubby and me are relocating to Prescott after Christmas. Nice to see a fellow blogger from the area! 74 sounds like a nice temperature for Thanksgiving. I think we will be having about 85 degrees here in San Diego :)


  5. Weather wise it will be grey and I still have to order a turkey breast...

  6. I won't know until tomorrow, when I get off work and start cooking. We're supposed to get a little snow in the morning. As my husband Hick said, "They've already greased the bridges." Which I don't really think is proper terminology, because he was referring to those parallel lines of beet juice squirted out the back of a MoDOT truck intended to stop slippage when the bridges decks try to freeze over.


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