Friday, November 14, 2014



Thank Gandalf It's Friday.
(and I've never even read any Tolkien)

At any rate it's time to go into the Chuckle Box once again and see what we can find to get us all through the weekend.

O.K. folks, the Chuckle Box is empty.  Oh, wait!  I almost forgot the obligatory kitty picture.

O.K.  That's really all she wrote.  Have an extremely amusing weekend, folks, and, as always, thank you to my contributors.


  1. Love penguin cat. Have a great weekend.

  2. All good, I agree with Scott, Life Support is the best!

  3. Made me laugh! I like that cat.
    To answer your question, no, I have never hiked all the way down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I could do that but I have no idea how I would get back out. The hike to Indian Gardens is hard enough. I have been to the bottom on a helicopter and that was fun. My husband has been down there many times. First working for the park service guiding the mule trains and later to put telephone cable into Phantom Ranch.

  4. Penguin cat - ha! But of course the chocolate one is my favorite :)

  5. Tolkien, me neither. I didn't read them because everyone else was and I didn't want to be like everyone else. I did enjoy the movies.

  6. laughing my head off over here. Thank you!