Friday, December 19, 2014


We had been invited to come down to the Big Valley (Phoenix and environs) to visit our friend Diane's new home and have lunch. Diane posed for a picture with her best friend, Rags.

Diane is one of those rare people who never loses a friend.  We've known her since we first came to Phoenix in 1972.

We went to lunch at Popo's Fiesta del Sol Mexican Restaurant.  I was captivated by the fire feature in front of the restaurant.

The food was delicious but you'll just have to take my word for that. I forgot to take any photos.

The BRD had invited us to take advantage of a couple of days she had to use up at her time share in Scottsdale before the end of the year.  So we did.

Thursday we took in a movie - "Gone Girl".  Kind of unsettling but well-acted.  Later we had dinner at Carrabba's Italian Grill.  Again, no photos but let me describe the food in one word: amazing!  We shared a big bowl of steamers, then it was Veal Marsala topped with mushrooms, prosciutto and a housemade Lombardo Marsala wine sauce for SWMBO.  For me it was prosciutto-wrapped pork tenderloin medallions topped with a port wine fig sauce.  To wind it up a couple of mini cannolis stuffed with sweet ricotta and chocolate chip filling and topped with pistachios and powdered sugar.  As I said - amazing!

This morning after checking out of the time share we took a long drive through Scottsdale and Phoenix.  This is a very old and wonderful water and horse sculpture in Old Town Scottsdale.

Old Town has maintained its charm even while being surrounded by newer and bigger buildings.

I snapped this art deco building front from the car.

After the inevitable stop at a bookstore, it was time to eat once again. For our final meal we were lured (by a gift certificate from the BRD) to a favorite spot.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is a New Orleans-style place that is packed to the gills (no pun intended) every day at lunchtimes.  Our server told us there are 100 people working the restaurant and they keep the orders flying.

A half fried catfish po boy and a cup of crawfish bisque for SWMBO.

Blackened catfish and red beans and rice for me, preceded by a cup of lobster bisque.

No dessert this time as we toddled out and drove up the hill to home.

A grand staycation, indeed.


Tom Cochrun said...

Grand indeed! You appear to have had a magnificent culinary journey. I wish I could have dined on those items as well.

Phil Perisich said...

Sounds like wonderful eating. You happen to hit my favorite restaurant in Phoenix, Pappadeau's. Two other Arizona favorites are Buster's in Flagstaff and Shugrue's in Sedona.

joeh said...

Please do not describe Italian Food in your posts! I'm trying to lose weight, I take in calories just reading that stuff.

Thérèse said...

A very joyful and seasonal first picture!
You cheated Bruce, you got your Christmas meal before the due date!

Steve said...

The food looks great.

Stephen Hayes said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The food sounds amazing. I tend to order the same thing over and over and I'm getting tired of my food choices. You inspire me to be more creative.

The Bug said...

Sounds fabulous! And now I'm hungry...

Anonymous said...

There's actually a Carrabbas about 45 minutes from here, which is unusual since we live in the sticks.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

You are lucky! It looks kind of plain inside but the food is delicious.