Friday, December 26, 2014


Here's to Christmases Past, including the one in 2014.  I hope you all had a festive and happy time.  Now let's get on to the business at hand.

On the other hand . .

And . .

It is then that I call in a true expert.

Now regular fans of Oddball's Friday Funnies know that I always conclude with the cats.  Not this week.  I thought this next one was so funny it had to be my ultimate this week.  Enjoy.

Like the lovely lady, keep laughing, folks, have a wonderful (if chilly) weekend and as always, thanks for the contributions.


Phil Perisich said...

You are in such a good mood; you must have had Norweigan fruit soup for Christmas. (This is actually a test to see if you are a true Noreweigan and know what fruit soup is.)

Catalyst/Taylor said...

I'm only half Norwegian so I missed fruit soup. But I know what lefse is and it makes a great breakfast!

Phil Perisich said...

No Frukt Suppe for you.

Steve said...

I know the retiree feeling.

Lori said...

Happy Boxing Day--------love your funnies! Lori

Stephen Hayes said...

That last one is a killer. I need to figure out a way to laugh like that.

Tom Cochrun said...

Have a few laughs of your own this weekend!