Tuesday, December 30, 2014


SWMBO took a couple of photos of our big black cat, Blackwell, enjoying a partial sun bath this morning.

Even with his black fur coat, he seeks out the sun shining through the patio window every morning and soaks up the warmth.

He seems to have about the same attitude as SWMBO when a camera is pointed in his direction.  Unsure of what is to come next, a bit surly about being the attention of that dratted "thing".

Not so when I took a close-up shot of him the other day as he was in his favorite cold weather spot.  On my or SWMBO's lap.  One cannot take a seat in the recliner without Blackwell hopping up to revel in the warmth of another body and usually, go to sleep.

He looks kind of mean in these photos, especially with his cropped ear which he got from a lady veterinarian's helper who, being told he was feral, thought he would be outside and offered that as identification.  She asked me if I wanted his ear "notched" and I said yes, thinking they would just take a tiny snip out of it.  I was horrified when I saw what they had done.  

But Blackwell took it all in stride and, in spite of the "look" in these photos, he is a sweetheart. My buddy or as SWMBO says when he follows me around the house, "here comes your dog."


  1. I always feel like if they were 150 pounds they would just as soon eat you, but since they are too small they give you a long as you feed them.

    Actually reading blogs I'm starting to want a cat even though I'm a dog person.

  2. Does SWMBO like the name SWMBO? Hilarious.

    1. She likes it as well as anything else I call her.

  3. Blackwell shows he is a cool cat, even in the sun.

  4. They have an uncanny ability to find the best, coziest place to nap.

  5. Cats are the only creatures not worrying of what humans think about them...

  6. I worked at an animal hospital for twelve years and I have never heard of notching a cat's ear. Seems like unnecessary pain on those tender little ears to me. Cats and dogs put up with a lot of things from us humans. He looks like he takes most things in stride. Happy New Year!


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