Monday, December 1, 2014


I decided a few days ago to grow out my beard.  I've had a goatee and moustache for a long time and I've had a full beard in the past but it's been awhile.  Since my goatee has turned nearly fully white I thought I'd seen if I have a white beard, as well.  It seems to be taking its own sweet time.

I trim the goatee down to make it more resemble the rest of the growth so I don't just look like a homeless person.

Back in my younger days it was all reddish-brown.

But over the years it has gotten more Hemingway-esque.

This time around I'm hoping for the Santa Claus look.

By the way, here's where it all began, back around 1970.

My first selfie!

I remember in 1991 when we were about to move from Mexico back to the United States and I decided my face would get us back across the border easier without a beard.  So I shaved it all off.  I was stunned to find my father staring back at me in the mirror!  I think I've had facial hair of some type or another ever since.

I'll keep you posted on the current crop.


Stephen Hayes said...

These pictures were obviously taken over a spell of years, but I'd recognize you immediately in all of them.

Tom said...

Can't wait!

Tom Cochrun said...

I remember your red beard days. Your Hemingway period growth makes you look like an elderly version of your current self. Isn't that odd? I grew a full beard once and looked like a Solzhenitsyn wannabe!

Phil Perisich said...

Let us read between the lines. Oil prices have dropped causing your North Dakota oil revenue to drop. In turn, this has caused the need for a job and at our ages about all we can do is play Santa at Christmas. Thus the reason for the beard. It is all very logical.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Ha! Good one, Phil, but I fear my beard growth will make me Santa about Valentine's Day!

Lowandslow said...

Ha! You do like to mix things up, don't you? :)

I grew a beard years ago, but being the neat freak I am, I found it took a helluva lot of work to keep it trimmed juuuuust right, so I shaved it off. I've had a mustache for 25+/- years, and now a Van Dyke for maybe 10. But mine never looked as good as yours. ;)


Catalyst/Taylor said...

I'd like mine to grow straight and neat like the guys I see on t.v. but mine tends to more resemble a bramble bush.

Should Fish More said...

I've had mine since '70, watch it change from brown to flecks of grey, to grey, to damn near white. 'Cept the 'stash, it's managed to stay more or less browin-ish. Thought about shaving it off a couple times, everyone shakes their head, so I guess it's here to stay.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Every time I threaten to shave mine off, SWMBO says "If you do, I'm leaving!" So it stays, in one form or another.

Lucy said...

It becomes you. Drop down the chimney here any time you want, there'll be sherry and a mince pie waiting!

It reminded me of a lovely photo from a Norwegian blog I saw, and when I checked back for the link, there was also one of some delicious looking Norwegian Christmas food, including some lefse, I think, and some other beautiful things. It's at

I'll knit you a red scarf if you fancy taking a leaf out of the guy's book!