Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Here we go again.

The beard I patiently waited to grow out for 6 weeks or so.  I was hoping for a true Santa Claus look and if I had waited longer that dishwater look on the sides might have become white.  Or at least whiter.

But I didn't.

This morning I got rid of those sides and went back to my goatee.  Fuller, now.

We'll see how long this lasts.

And before you all start on me, yes it does bring a smile to my face. 

(Sort of.)


Thérèse said...

One out of Five! Is that considered as a good score?

Should Fish More said...

A Van Dyke is never the worse way to has a certain....I don't know...piratical quality. Why someone of (ahem, cough..) your age would want to modify their looks is another subject. But, that's neither here nor there.
Best of luck......perhaps a real, original Cobra, circa 1966???
I'm thinking of a Mustang same age....

Steve said...

It looks good.

joeh said...

Don't let it get too long, do you ever see that dude in "Gold Rush?

Anonymous said...

The goatee looks better.

The Bug said...

I do prefer the goatee - AND your smile :)

Stephen Hayes said...

You look like one of those captains from Deadliest Catch. I do like the goatee.