Friday, January 2, 2015


Here it is, folks, your brand new 2015 edition of the long-running, sometimes funny Friday Funnies.  We begin a near year with a look back at the last one.

A New Year's Day hangover.

Hey!  Who left the cat out??!!!

Have a great weekend, a fantastic 2015 and keep chuckling!

(And thanks to contributors and to those from who I stole!)


joeh said...

Cats and alcohol is a bad combination.

Good stuff.

Sharon Anck said...

What a great way to start the day....and the new year. Don't you just love Maggie's one liners? Happy New Year!

Steve said...

Good ones today.

lowandslow said...

Haha! Love Wylie Coyote! :)

Tom Cochrun said...

Thanks for the grins. Make sure to have a few smiles of your own this weekend.

Stephen Hayes said...

I've been eating Oreos for years without wondering what they were saying. Now I'm worried.

Val said...

Fluffy obviously took the word of the Mayan Calendar over that of the Oreo.

Anonymous said...

I liked the first three the best.