Sunday, February 22, 2015


As I told you yesterday, there are trees with white blossoms coming out too. They're not apple trees, though, but flowering cherry trees.

Regrettably it's all for show. No edible cherries appear on these showy specimens.  They're just bragging.

The blossoms are delicate, much more so when viewed close-up, rather than in those sprays seen from a distance.  But like the flowering plum blossoms I showed you yesterday, they are a Trojan Horse.  When I went on my walk this morning the temperature was in the low 50's and a brisk breeze left my bare hands cold and red. Oh I know what you're thinking, those of you in the snow and ice belts: "I could STAND some temperatures in the 50's!"

But here in the Banana Belt of Arizona, the 50's with a stiff breeze is downright frigid.  And the forecast says there's more on the way.

The weatherman says it won't get out of the 50's for at least the next ten days. And those clouds to the north are said to be bringing rain and snow to Flagstaff today. So bundle up, weather woosies, we're not out of the wintry woods yet.


joeh said...

So those early flowering trees are just a tease? I think we are about 6 weeks from that early spring tease.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Trees.

Stephen Hayes said...

The blossoms just taunt us into thinking spring is closer than it really is.

Your neighbor whose good house is never done said...

Cherry trees? I always thought they were non-fruit bearing, flowering, Bradford pears. Just came in from a spin around the block. Jeez! That is a gale force wind out there. Good day for soup and grilled cheese.

Thérèse said...

In the meantime enjoy your early spring soon to disappear... Hope for the best with the blossoms.

Lucy said...

Those blossoms are a sight for sore eyes anyway!