Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I made the drive down to Mesa yesterday to attend the annual Stanley picnic.  It's a reunion of people who grew up in Stanley, North Dakota.  You wouldn't think there would be that many people from a town nobody's ever heard of to hold a picnic but it is a pretty good sized gathering.  I'd guess somewhere between 50 and a hundred folk were there. I linked up with my old buddy from kid-hood, Jim Burbidge.  

Jim is a retired (I assume) dentist who celebrated his 75th birthday a short time back and I have mine in sight.  As I told several people yesterday, every time I write that I can't believe it.  What happened to the years?

I also met one of my classmates that I haven't seen since we both graduated from high school way back in 1958.  And a number of other people I hadn't seen in years, no, decades.  When I called my brother up in North Dakota last night to tell him about all of HIS classmates I had met up with yesterday . . I said these gatherings are a good thing because people are dropping off this mortal coil at an increasingly alarming rate so it's good to see them while they're still alive and kicking.  And he told me about yet another funeral he had attended recently for one of our contemporaries.

By the way, I should thank Jim.  He's become a big fan of Oddball and was promoting it to some of our fellows yesterday.  At my age I can use all the fans I can get.

So, down and back and today it's off to visit a new doctor for a first visit.  No problems, just getting established.  After all, it's a good time of year to take stock.


Stephen Hayes said...

We are at that age when it's a good idea to take stock and focus on what's really important in life.

The Bug said...

Love that ecard - but I'm not sure I still have control over any of mine :)

Tom Cochrun said...

I'm still trying to get my head around a gathering of Stanley North Dakota folk in Mesa Arizona. Was there a bus that ran from Stanley to Mesa? Or did the Mesa Chamber advertise in the vast winter northland?

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Mesa and it's trailer and r.v. courts has been a destination for snowbirds from the frozen North for decades. One Mesa restaurant has a weekly gathering of Stanley folk and offers 20% off discount coupons to them.

Lowandslow said...

I've noticed that my crowd of contemporaries is slowly getting a little thin, too. Looks like you had a fun day. :)


Sharon Anck said...

Sounds like a fun reunion!