Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Smiles

Apparently no one missed this week's Friday Funnies. Or if they did they were too polite to mention it to me. At any rate, in the excitement of my Thursday road trip, I forgot. So here, one time only, a day late, is this week's little dose of humor.

These next two must be brother and sister.

Thanks, contributors! Have a (continuing) great weekend, folks, and always remember to keep a smile on your face.


  1. Thanks for the funnies. I knew you missed out, but your Friday post was great.

  2. Your neighbor whose good house is never doneFebruary 28, 2015 at 11:53 AM

    Post request: Have you taken photos of the owlets and parents at Home Depot? Born after Christmas, a few weeks ago the 3 young were huge balls of fluff and quite active. A little known, PV Must See. In the landscape department, past the pots, over by the wall under the roof. A Home Depot employee is usually there to show you where. Your camera is so good - Your photography skills are so good - that I would like to see what you are able to shoot. Great Western Horned Owls. Magnificent male flies over the landscape area to hunt late in the day. I saw him once. Seemed as big as a plane!

    1. I have two cameras. One is a simple point and shoot cheap Nikon. The other is part of my smartphone. I wouldn't call either of them very fancy so maybe I'm just lucky, edit out the junk and crop well with my HP photo editing software that came with my printer. Nothing fancy. But I shall seek out the owls.

  3. Love that 50 shades of Grey poster. Missed the funnies but thought you were too busy with your road trips to find any.

  4. So I should take it as a compliment when someone calls me a "fat head"? ;)

  5. Wed-nes-day. Like Fe-bru-ar-y. Hello March.

  6. I definitely do the Wednesday thing (and February too - but even in my head that's hard to say!).


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