Friday, March 13, 2015


Oh, drat! I hate when I have to tell you that it is Friday the 13th. A day filled with omens and portents and all that bad stuff.  "Twaddle!", says I.  "Superstititous twaddle!" Let us not be fearful of a simple date on a calendar. Let us march forth into the fray, fearful of naught! Let us go into battle armed with smiles on our faces and carrying with us . . . THE FRIDAY FUNNIES!

I'm not so sure who "IM" is (didn't catch that, didya?) but I'd avoid him.  Or her.

Let us not forget, this was the week that we were able to spend a ridiculous amount of money on yet another amazing new technology item.

That guy looks like John Goodman, doesn't he?

How much money does one need anyway?

I mean, after the first million.

I saw Princess Kate on t.v. last night and SWMBO reminded me that she was "expecting" a baby soon.  "The Spare", y'know.

Me? It's nearing Saturday, the usual day when the Bible Beaters begin ringing our bell.  But, expecting them, this year I've got a secret weapon.

There is nothing like a cat to set them right.  Right?

That's all, folks.  Keep smiling and thanks to all of my contributors (and victims of theft.)

Oh, and if my little attempts at humor offended anyone, what did you expect?  It's Friday the 13th!


joeh said...

IM only offended a little.

L Lewis said...

You had me at "wet my plants"!

Anonymous said...

I like the last one.

Stephen Hayes said...

I love the deity cat.

Catalyst said...


Tom Cochrun said...

And a wheelbarrow full of grinning emoticons to you.

The Bug said...

I always look forward to Friday - & your post :)