Thursday, March 19, 2015


I can't come anywhere close to the Wednesday ThrowBack Thursday post that appeared here yesterday. The mistake in posting it a day early was mine. So the best I can do is post a photo which I find I posted just about two years ago of a couple of clowns. 

And no, the one on the right is not a young Harpo Marx, though it may be his doppelganger. In truth (and in apology for that crack) it is my granddaughter Christy. She is now a young woman of 30-something who combines two seemingly disparate careers: state prison corrections officer and very talented tattoo artist. On second thought, the two may not be so much unrelated.

I suppose I could also apologize for that puka shell necklace I'm wearing.

But I won't.

Happy (real) Thursday!


  1. The necklace is cool..Well I'll bet your granddaughter liked it.

  2. She looks like she was a fun little kid.

  3. Cute picture. Love the Hawaiian shirts, and I forgive you for the puka shell necklace. I have one in my top drawer,

  4. Puka shell necklace?! Makes me think the Old Taylor may even have had a disco phase!

  5. Back in the day when I was a quasi-useful member of society, I wore that exact same red shirt on Friday often, a tradition I started at the medical center.

    1. Excellent choice! (I trust you did not include the puka shells, though.)


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