Monday, April 6, 2015


Today, as all good Americans should know, is a very special day. (Even though the Chicago Cubs started their newest losing season yesterday with the St. Louis Cardinals handing them their first defeat of the year) It is Opening Day for the 2015 Major League Baseball Season!

Down at Chase Field in Phoenix groundskeepers were preparing for tonight's contest of the Mighty Arizona Diamondbacks and the (reigning World Champion) San Francisco Giants. The dadblasted Giants have won three of the last five World Series so it's about time for the Diamondbacks to have their turn.

Up here, at Catalyst's Castle, spring is continuing it's growth pattern.

The Redbud tree is becoming greener by the day as leaves replace the purple flowering buds.

The Rocketman Russian Sage is taking off like crazy after being hacked to the ground by my gardening expert, aka She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO). As I told her the other evening as we were enjoying drinks on the patio, you can practically see it growing as you look at it.

I like to sit out on the front patio to greet the various dog-walkers who pass by.

My Faithful Companion, Blackwell, would love to join me but since we know him to be an Escape Cat he is confined to the house. He has to satisfy himself by getting as close to me as he can. Whenever I go out the front door I find him patiently waiting for me just inside when I return.

Muggles caters more to SWMBO, taking an afternoon nap on her bed.

"Will you get that blasted camera out of here. I'm trying to sleep!"

The front patio is off limits to not only Blackwell but me these days too.

A pair of warblers has built a nest atop one of the pillars and I've been told to give them their privacy for the birthing season.

Perhaps building their nest right next to this smiling sun face will give them better luck then the finches who nested atop another pillar last year.

So, life goes on around here, my occasional intrusions on it notwithstanding. Mother Nature seems to be telling me to just "leaf" it alone.


joeh said...

I just don't seem to be get excited about baseball season anymore. I don't know why that is because it is still a great game.

Tom Cochrun said...

Over here on the coast we like the Giants World Serious stats. Spring around PV looks nice. We love the shot of Blackwell looking over your shoulder, from inside.

Stephen Hayes said...

You've found yourself a tranquil oasis. Enjoy.

Steve said...

The A's won last night.

Should Fish More said...

Alas, the pesky Giants were too much. If they get their pitching rotation healthy, they will be a force this year. The M's won their first game also, but I don't put much stock in that, they usually collapse by mid-season. It's well into spring here in Seattle, my son-in-laws and daughter's lilac bushes are almost blossomed, the fruit trees are bedecked, I just hope some bees appear so there will be plums, pears and apples later.
Back in Butte, my lilac will bloom in mid June, at least most years.

The Bug said...

I love that Blackwell keeps tabs on you even if you're not in the house :)