Saturday, April 4, 2015


Nature plays the strangest tricks on us. Take, for example, the Redbud tree right outside my den window. Through the winter months it is a barren skeleton. 

As the weather begins to warm a little it comes alive again and a week or so ago it was ablaze with purple blossoms.

Now another stage has begun as the blossoms give way to green leaves.

The leaf on the left still has a yellowish tinge to it's greening. The one on the right is a tad further along.

In another week or so the purple will all be gone and the tree will be a sea of green leaves, providing a hiding place for finches and sparrows before they drop down to the birdbath for a sip or perhaps a plunge.

The seasons are moving fast and summer is lurking. I think Mother Nature exhibits a great sense of humor in her creation of the changes in her floral decor.


Steve said...

Looking good.

Tom Cochrun said...

Does it seem that mother nature may have infused life with red bull spiked espresso? Is the calendar's treadmill turned up to hyper speed? Anyway thanks for stopping to smell and photograph the blooms.

Stephen Hayes said...

Nature is a consummate artist always reinventing herself.

Thérèse said...

What a show! For the pleasure of the eye and of the ear when springs comes, season after season.